Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Giggle Box

          Hi, guys. I hope you're doing well. Btw, you know, what will we celebrate? We'll celebrate Christmas on December 25th, 2016. Definitely, we're so excited if there is something celebration or holiday. Why? Because holiday is the day where someone have to enjoy, picnic and gather with family. So, I made this blog about Christmas Giggle Box because on Sunday, I went to Giggle Box Restaurant. In there, I ate fish & chips. And also, I drank orange juice...hhmm it's so delicious and I like this :D

          Btw, Giggle means a person who laughed endlessly, then box means square. So, Giggle Box means a person who laughed endlessly in somewhere. And also, there are similarities between Christmas and Giggle Box because on Christmas Day, there are many blessings, such as : gift from Santa Claus. So, Please check my new post on blog & don't miss it. Thank you & Merry Christmas! Giggle Box Restaurant is located in Jalan Karangsari Number 3, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. In there, a lot of teenagers are hanging out because the architect is so unique like ancient building. Don't forget to say Welcome December and Merry Christmas! May this Christmas will bring a blessing and grace. Thank you for your visiting!

I'm wearing :
- T-shirt by daebak
- Jacket is unknown (I bought from Garut)
- Long Pants by Topman
- Shoes by Rockport
- Place : Giggle Box Restaurant, Jalan Karangsari Number 3, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
- Date : November 27th, 2016 

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

How to plant in the narrow area?

          Hi, guys. Today, I'm gonna show you about "How to plant in the narrow area?" Usually, I always upload on my post about fashion and travel. Btw, I like gardening, so that's my talent. It's so unique if young adult or teenager likes gardening. In the narrow area, we usually plant by pot. Hydroponic means a plant which grows without soil. So, hydroponic is grown by rockwool. Definitely, a lot of people say that hydroponic is difficult because the tools are so expensive. So, Please don't worry about it, you can do hydroponic by plastic bottle or a box of milk. That's simple recycling to reduce the rubbish. Now, I'm gonna tell you about "How to plant in the narrow area?" if you want to plant in the narrow area, you just need :
  1. Tools and Materials :
  • Scissor 
  •  A box of milk
  • Rockwool
  • Netpot
  •  Pen
  • Stick
  •  Any seed which fibrous roots (spinach)
  • Lettuce
  •  Nutrition
2. How to?
  • Measure the netpot by pen on a box of milk or plastic bottle
  •  Cut a box of milk to form 3 circles
  •  Put the netpot into a box of milk
  • Rinse the rockwool
  •  Pour the water into a box of milk
  •  Put the rockwool into netpot
  •  Hole the rockwool by stick until 0,5 cm
  •  Seeding the lettuce
  • Seeding the spinach 
  • Then, put the hydroponic result in outdoor. After the seeds are sprouted, spray the rockwool by nutrition mix A and B alternately every 2 times a week
  •  That's my hydroponic plant (lettuce, spinach & Balinese chili) at apartment

          Ok, that's my simple hydroponic tutorial. If you want to buy netpot, rockwool, seed & other materials, you can buy in the garden store. Thanks for your visiting & I hope you enjoy it. Take care! 

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Field Trip to Kampung Adat Cireundeu


          Hi, guys. Hari Jumat, aku menjelajahi ke Kampung Adat Cireundeu sama teman dan guru. Kampung adat Cirendeu terletak di Kelurahan Leuwigajah, Kecamatan Cimahi Selatan. Jumlah penduduknya adalah 800 jiwa. Mayoritas mata pencaharian mereka adalah bertani. Makanan pokok mereka adalah singkong. Dan juga, mereka masih mempertahankan budaya Sunda. Disana, aku mendaki ke puncak salam selama 2-3 jam. Selama di perjalanan, jalannya sangat becek dan licin sehingga sulit untuk dilewati termasuk aku yang terjatuh hingga 2x. Dan juga, banyak pohon, lumpur, batu, serangga dan tanaman berduri. Sampai di puncak salam, aku melihat keindahan pemandangan. Setelah itu, aku kembali ke Kampung Adat Cireundeu. Masih banyak kegiatan lainnya. Kegiatan pertama adalah cara mengolah singkong meyerupai nasi, cara pembuatannya adalah :
  1. Kupas Kulit Singkong.
  2. Cuci Singkong tersebut dengan air.
  3. Parut Singkongnya.
  4. Saringkan Singkong tersebut. Lalu, diperas.
  5. Jemur singkongnya hingga kering.
  6. Setelah itu, tumbuk singkongnya hingga halus.
  7. Dan juga, ayak singkong tersebut hingga menjadi tepung.
  8. Setelah itu, tepung tersebut dikukus dan siap untuk disajikan
          Setelah melihat cara mengolah singkong menyerupai nasi, aku makan siang dengan singkong, daun singkong, tahu, sambal dan ayam. Maknyussss! Kegiatan selanjutnya adalah membuat wayang dengan tangkai singkong. Waktu aku mencoba untuk membuat wayang, aku gagal hingga 3x. Akhirnya, aku mencoba terus membuat wayang dan berhasil! Kegiatan terakhir adalah bermain karinding. Kami hanya memperhatikan cara bermain karinding. Setelah itu, kami berfoto bersama untuk kenangan. Dan juga, aku membeli oleh-oleh (Dendeng Singkong). Lalu, kami pulang ke rumah.


           Hi, guys. On Friday, I explore to the Kampung Adat Cireundeu (Cireundeu Traditional Village) with friends and teachers. Kampung Adat Cireundeu is located in Leuwigajah, South Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia. The populations are 800 people. The majority of their livelihood is farmer. Their main food is cassava. And also, they still preserve the sundanese culture. In there, I hike to the top of mount salam for 2-3 hours. During the trip, the soil is very slippery and tarnish so it's very difficult to be passed, including me who fall down until 2 times. And also, there are a lot of trees, mud, stones, insects and thistles. Until there, I see the beauty of nature environment. After that, I go back to the Kampung Adat Cireundeu. There are still other activities. The 1st activity is "How to make cassava like rice?", How to?
  1. Peel the cassava.
  2. Wash the cassava with water.
  3. Grate the cassava.
  4. Strain the cassava. Then, wring the cassava.
  5. Drying the cassava.
  6. After that, grind the cassava until smooth.
  7. And also, sift the cassava.
  8. After that, steamed the flour. Then, the cassava is ready to be served.
          After I see how to make cassava like rice, I have lunch with cassava, cassava leaves, tofu, chili and chicken. Yummy! The next activity is created puppet (wayang) by cassava stem. when I try to create puppet, I failed until 3 times. Finally, I try again and my creation is finished. The last activity is played karinding. We just see how to play karinding. After that, we take photos for our memories. And also, I buy souvernir (Dendeng singkong). After that, we go back to home.

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