How to plant in the narrow area?

          Hi, guys. Today, I'm gonna show you about "How to plant in the narrow area?" Usually, I always upload on my post about fashion and travel. Btw, I like gardening, so that's my talent. It's so unique if young adult or teenager likes gardening. In the narrow area, we usually plant by pot. Hydroponic means a plant which grows without soil. So, hydroponic is grown by rockwool. Definitely, a lot of people say that hydroponic is difficult because the tools are so expensive. So, Please don't worry about it, you can do hydroponic by plastic bottle or a box of milk. That's simple recycling to reduce the rubbish. Now, I'm gonna tell you about "How to plant in the narrow area?" if you want to plant in the narrow area, you just need :
  1. Tools and Materials :
  • Scissor 
  •  A box of milk
  • Rockwool
  • Netpot
  •  Pen
  • Stick
  •  Any seed which fibrous roots (spinach)
  • Lettuce
  •  Nutrition
2. How to?
  • Measure the netpot by pen on a box of milk or plastic bottle
  •  Cut a box of milk to form 3 circles
  •  Put the netpot into a box of milk
  • Rinse the rockwool
  •  Pour the water into a box of milk
  •  Put the rockwool into netpot
  •  Hole the rockwool by stick until 0,5 cm
  •  Seeding the lettuce
  • Seeding the spinach 
  • Then, put the hydroponic result in outdoor. After the seeds are sprouted, spray the rockwool by nutrition mix A and B alternately every 2 times a week
  •  That's my hydroponic plant (lettuce, spinach & Balinese chili) at apartment

          Ok, that's my simple hydroponic tutorial. If you want to buy netpot, rockwool, seed & other materials, you can buy in the garden store. Thanks for your visiting & I hope you enjoy it. Take care! 

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