Monday, May 23, 2016

Japanese Mall in Indonesia

What should I buy?

Hi, gentlemen & ladies. What's up? I hope you're doing well. On Sunday, I traveled  to Aeon Mall. Aeon Mall is located in BSD City, Tangerang, Banten. Aeon Mall is the first Japanese Mall in Indonesia. Aeon Mall was officially opened on May 30th, 2015. At the Aeon Mall, there are a lot of products from Japan, especially Japanese food. Btw, I also ate sushi, wakame salad and ebi's so yummy. Then, there are also entertainment area, restaurant, food court, supermarket and clothing store. I like Japanese culture because it's so unique and the technology is also modern. Ok, Thank you for your visiting and have a nice day! Take care! 

I'm wearing : 
- Shirt by Ralph Lauren 
- Long Pants by Topman
- Belt by Pull & Bear 
- Shoes by  Rockport
- Place : Aeon Mall, BSD City, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
- Date : Sunday, 22th of May 2016

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My Biodata

- Name : Ariel Guslandi
- Profession : Student 
- Height : 1,7 m
- Birthday's Date : June 15th
- Nationality : Indonesian
- Status : Single
- Live in Indonesia
- Hair Color : Dark Brown
- Eye Color : Dark
- Ethnicity : Indonesian (Sundanese & Bugis), Russian and Dutch
- My Fave Foods : Indonesian food, Indian food, Japanese food, Arabic food and European food
- My Fave Drinks : Chocolate Milkshake and Coconut
- My Fave Animals : Cat, Rabbit, Dog, Elephant and Hamster
- My Fave Colors : Blue, White, Green, Purple and Chocolate
- My hobbies : Drawing, Gardening, Acting, Crocheting, Modelling, Photography and Comedy
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"Thank you for your visiting."