Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Most Delicious Seafood in Cirebon

Hi, guys. I hope you're doing well. So, this post is related to culinary. Before that, I'll be begin to tell my vacation to Cirebon. Last Thursday, I ate Cirebonese seafood in H. Moel Restaurant, among others: fried squid, grilled shrimp, crab oyster sauce, kangkung (water spinach) and rice. H. Moel Restaurant is located in Jalan Kalibaru Selatan Number 39, Cirebon City, West Java, Indonesia. H. Moel Restaurant is open daily from 10:30 AM to 12 AM. In H. Moel Restaurant, there are various kinds of seafood because H. Moel Restaurant is adjacent to the beach. Therefore, Cirebon City is also known as "City of Shrimps." I think H. Moel Restaurant is the most delicious seafood that I had eaten. If you want to know information in detail, you can check out the website or contact via HP/WA: +6281320599922. Take care!

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