Monday, December 19, 2016

The Most Delicious Pizza in Bali

Hi, guys. I hope you're doing well. On Monday, I went to the Italian Restaurant. Anyone who knows, What is the name of Italian Restaurant? :D The name of Italian Restaurant is Nusa Dua Pizza. Nusa Dua Pizza is located in Jl. Bypass Nusa Dua Number 99xx, Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. This restaurant is open from 11Am-10.30PM. At Nusa Dua Pizza, there is Italian cuisine.

In there, I ate salami pizza. it's filled ham, cheese, tomato, olive oil, basil & other spices/materials, I don't know how to make pizza because I don't like cooking, but I like eating :D And also, it contains vitamin A, vitamin B, sodium, protein, fat, magnesium, calcium, iron and carbohydrate.

Salami Pizza
Btw, I also ate smoked marlin salad. It's filled lettuce, tomato, onion, bread, olive oil and ham. Then, it contains vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, fat, protein, copper and carbohydrate. 

Smoked Marlin Salad

Oh My Gosh...that's so delicious and crispy. In my opinion, I think Italian cuisine, especially pizza like food heaven because Italian cuisine is very popular all over the world. So, that's only Italian cuisine, which is delicious in Bali. Therefore, If you're on vacation to Bali, don't forget to eat in Nusa Dua Pizza. If you don't go to this restaurant, you'll regret. Thanks for your visiting and take care!

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