Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brown and White on Valentine's Day

Took selfie with Elaine (Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur)
Enjoying with a glass of mocktail :)
Shoes & Jeans
Hi, everyone. Now, I'm gonna show you about "Brown and White on Valentine's Day." Valentine's day usually celebrated on February 14th every year. It's celebrated in many countries around the world. What we do on Valentine's day? On Valentine's day usually, we give a chocolate or flower to our couple and bestie. Wow, it's so romantic. Thanks for your visiting & Happy Valentine :) 

I'm wearing : 
- Shirt by Hush Puppies
- Jeans by Topman
- Shoes by crocs
- Belt by Bershka 
- Place : Danica's House
- Date : February 14th, 2016

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- Contact me at arielguslandi@gmail.com 
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