Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to School Hairstyle Tutorial 2016

            Hi, everyone. Today, I'm gonna teach you about "Back to school hairstyle tutorial 2016." Next week, we'll go back to school. Yeayyy, we'll meet a lot of friends again. I miss my friends because I didn't meet my friends for a month. So, you should be spirit to go back to school. Remember to always be grateful and don't forget to learn. Ok, I'd like to tell you about "Back to school hairstyle tutorial 2016." 
- Materials:
1) Hair Gel 
2) Hair Spray
3) Water
4) Comb
- Steps: 
1) Prepare the materials. 
2) Turn on the water tap. Then, rinse your hair with water.
3) Form the hair with hand, hair gel and comb.
4) Spray your hair with hair spray.
5) Finished!
             That's my hairstyle tutorial. Please check my new video on youtube and don't miss it. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you and have a good activity :) 

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