Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Love Blue

I love blue. Please, check this my blog and don't miss out. Thank you :)
Ariel Guslandi
Ariel Guslandi
Ariel Guslandi
Ariel Guslandi
          Hy, everyone. Are you enjoy your holiday? Yes, I'm enjoying on holiday. Why? because holiday is very important for us so that we aren't tired, refresh the mind and we can enjoy the holiday with family and friends. I hope everything is good. Now, I would like to tell you about "Outfit of blue color". My favorite colors are blue, white, red and green. Yes, it's true, the blue is my first favorite color. If I go to the mall or clothes store, I usually buy long sleeve clothes. But, sometimes I buy cowboy hats, shoes and long pants. I like long sleeve clothes because It's very unique for me. And also, long sleeve clothes is very suitable for cold air. Oh one more thing, in Bedugul the air is very cold and fresh because the location of Bedugul in the mountain and there are many plants. In the night, the temperature can drop until 16 C and in the afternoon the temperature can rise until 26 C. Thank you :) 

- T-shirt by SharksCLT/CO
- Jeans by Bloods Denim Series
- Shoes by Clarks
- Sunglasses : No Brand
- Place : CLV Hotel & Villa
- Date : 14th of July 2015

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